Top 10 Dating Tips

There are many ways of successfully meeting your dream sugar daddy or sugar baby through dedicated online dating sites. There are plenty of sugar babies out there on the search for wealthy, older men who are willing to support them financially in return for companionship and other favors. Here are the top ten tips for succeeding in finding a great sugar daddy/sugar baby.

#1 Do Your Research

Before joining a site, do proper research by going through reviews of the top dating sites devoted to such profiles. You can also view YouTube or other sites featuring sugar daddies and sugar babies to know more about the arrangement.

#2 Pay Attention to your Profile

The introduction to your profile should be catchy and attractive. It should be friendly but not too provocative. A sugar daddy should impress girls with his confidence and experience, whereas a sugar baby should sound attractive and fun. You can take a look at some of the profiles on online dating sites and make your profile interesting. You can be more direct in stating your requirements in such a site, but there is no need to be vulgar.

#3 Staying Safe

When you share information and details about yourself on an online sugar daddy dating site, you need to exercise caution. Pick a site that has been recommended and meet people in a public environment when on a first date.

#4 Accurate Profiles

Your profile should be accurate, in that you should provide a clear photo of yourself. It should truly reflect the way you actually look. You must use only current photographs and say an absolute no to Photoshop.

#5 Honest and Genuine Responses

When you respond to a mail from a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, personalize your responses by making a reference to some information in the person’s profile to make it more personal. You could also talk about some common interest.

#6 Be Realistic

If you are an old or a middle-aged man, you will firstly have to realize that sugar babies don’t come cheap. She will probably expect a generous allowance along with trips, vacations and gifts. On the other hand, if you are an average looking sugar baby, you cannot expect the richest and most handsome man to hand the world on a platter to you.

#7 Be Punctual

If you are to meet a sugar daddy for a date, it is important to be on time and follow all the arrangements.

#8 Fake Profiles

There are many profiles on sugar daddy sites that are not genuine but fake, with false information and details. Sugar Babies must be careful of such scammers. You need to ask a lot of questions to find out if the other person is genuine. It is better to join sites that have verified profiles.

#9 Knowing what you Want

If all you want is some fun and companionship be upfront about it and make things very clear right at the outset. If you are married, let the sugar baby know right away. If you are a sugar baby and want to enter into several relationships at a time, make this known as well, as there are men who would only be willing to enter a one on one relationship.

# 10 Support Groups

Support groups are very helpful for asking questions, getting feedback on some profiles or getting people to check up on you when you go on a date.

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