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What Exactly is a Sugar Daddy, and is it Bad to be One?


You probably heard about the term “sugar daddy” and wondered what it is. Before we continue any further, let’s make something clear – being a sugar daddy isn’t for everyone. A lot of people try to present it as this magical thing that everyone should be doing. 

However, like any form of dating, it comes with its upsides and downsides. It’s up to you to recognize whether this style of dating will fit your personality. At the same time, you should be prejudiced against different forms of dating. 

People are different, and not all of us are programmed to enjoy traditional monogamous relationships. People always liked to experiment, and you can see various forms of alternative dating throughout history. So let’s begin. 

What is a Sugar Daddy? 

A sugar daddy is a mature gentleman (usually a businessman) who dates younger people and pampers them with expensive gifts and lavish lifestyle.

These men are often too busy with their entrepreneurial effort, and they don’t have the time to date in the traditional sense. 

Instead, they use what they have to attract younger partners and share all their wealth with them. Young men or women who are looking for someone powerful to help them out and give them their company in return also benefit from this relationship. 

They can rely on their financial help to get an education, start a business, travel the world, and so on. With sugar daddy relationships, the financial agreement is established early, along with all the boundaries. 

With most sugar dating relationships, sugar babies receive a monthly allowance, and they are expected to provide something in return. In some cases, sex is included, and in others, it isn’t. It’s all up to those two people and what they agree on. 

Your Physical Appearance Doesn’t Matter (in most cases)

For older men, dating can be difficult even if they are successful and have a lot of money. It is what it is. However, sugar dating has opened the door for mature and powerful men. They can’t hook up with younger sugar babies. 

These younger women know what they are signing up for, and they don’t have a problem with it. Just as much as it was a taboo for older men to date younger women, the judgment was on those women as well. Sugar dating has made this a lot easier and more transparent. 

Lots of women have a thing for older men. They like their stability, experience, and power. So if you are an older guy and are worried about being looked down on just because you are in your 50s, don’t worry. There is no judgment in sugar dating, and sugar babies expect older sugar daddies. 

Successful Man

You Need to be Successful 

A lot of older men would love to be sugar daddies, but they just don’t have the money. For you to be considering this option, you need to have the financial power to afford all the expensive gifts, allowances, and restaurants for your sugar baby. 

After all, this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Nobody will give you their company unless you can return the favor with a bit of pampering. This is what sugar dating is all about. Sure, there are stories about sugar couples becoming real couples, but this usually happens after a long time. 

They really click together and realize that they want more from their relationship. However, if you expect this to happen straight away, then you aren’t actually for sugar dating. There are no hard feelings here. If you can’t keep your side of the bargain, don’t expect the other person to be interested. 

Sugar Dating is Very Honest 

When it comes to sugar dating, the start of each relationship is more of a business arrangement than anything else. For businessmen that have built their careers and achieved a lot of success, this comes naturally. This is especially good if you are doing it for the first time and you don’t know what to expect. 

In a nutshell, the starting conversation will revolve around the rules of your relationship and what both sides except. In a way, it’s just like terms and conditions that are agreed before a business deal goes through. This way, you will know what to expect in the future, and there will be no surprises on either side. 

This sets the tone for the whole relationship and adds transparency right away. This is why this kind of dating is usually without drama. If someone doesn’t like the terms of the relationship, they can instantly back out, simple as that. 

There is nothing forcing either of the two to get on with each other. You won’t have to beat around the bush, and as soon as you meet someone, you will know if you will be spending time together or not. For busy men, this is very convenient since they don’t want to waste any time. 

It’s a Fair Trade 

A lot of women like both younger men and older men. However, younger guys usually can’t afford luxurious dates, trips, and expensive gifts. On the other hand, established men have all the resources for these things. At the same time, younger guys are often inexperienced, clumsy, over-confident, and don’t know how to treat women right. 

You might think that youth is all women look for, but it’s actually not true. A lot of women know what they want, and they don’t need any complications or arguments along the way. You have the emotional, personal, and financial stability that many women would kill for. 

These young women will repay all these things with their affection, company, and dedication. After all, the ball is in your court, and you can set the terms that you want. Of course, not all sugar babies will agree with them, and that’s fine. 

You set the rules, and there is no need to hold back. You can say whatever you want and expect to get it straight away. If not, you won’t start the relationship. It’s all about two people getting together and working out a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Being a Sugar Daddy Boosts Your Ego 

As an older guy hooking up with younger sugar babies, you will get a great confidence boost. All men like to reaffirm their masculinity by getting into relationships with younger, more attractive people. When you have an attractive sugar baby by your side at all times walking in public, your ego will grow sky-high. 

At the same time, if you never ever hooked up with many attractive people in the past, this is a good opportunity to try it out finally. You will feel like you moved up the ladder and finally achieved one of the milestones in life. 

Being around younger people alone can affect you positively in many ways. You can feel younger as well and remind yourself of something you’ve done in the past. On top of that, being wiser and more experienced can also be very empowering. 

Older Men Young Attractive Woman

You Will Have the Power in Your Relationship

Sugar dating is great for attractive and young women that want to experience finer things in life. However, the mature guys are the ones who have the power in the relationship. It’s just the way the dynamic of sugar dating is set up. If you both agree on the terms of your relationship and the woman breaks them, the sugar daddy can easily find another girl that will respect the deal. 

Successful men have all aspects of their lives set up. They are rich – they are powerful, have the right connections, they are often married, and have raised their kids into adults. This also says something about their personality. They are smart, hard-working, and don’t leave anything to chance. 

As a guy with so much experience and knowledge, it’s easy to enforce your will on a younger person. It’s just the nature of things. At the same time, you have all the luxury and glamour the person craves for. This is why a lot of older married men go for sugar dating. 

There is no chance of them getting blackmailed emotionally or financially by their lovers. The boundaries are set clearly, and nobody gets over them. 

There is no Need to Waste Time 

We mentioned before that you have the power in the relationship and that you can instantly say what kind of arrangement you want to have. This means that there’s no need to beat around the bush. You aren’t a boyfriend or a lover – there’s no emotional attachment or leverage. 

When you arrange to meet, you will be together and enjoy nice things. Apart from that, there is no need to talk to each other or be in each other’s lives. You can organize your time easily and enjoy the company of your young and beautiful sugar baby whenever you see fit. 

The rest of the time, you can use to work on your business or spend time with your family. Everything is clear from the very start, and both sides approach without any emotions. Like we mentioned before, it’s like a business arrangement, and time is money in business. 

Don’t Expect Real Love 

The chances of a really young woman falling for an old guy are very slim. Women today don’t want to fall for anyone while they are young. They want to live their lives freely, experience many things, and experiment sexually. This means that you aren’t actually her priority when it comes to long-term plans. 

Sure, you can both enjoy nice conversations, learn from each other, and share emotions with each other but don’t get carried away. Your young partner will care for you, respect you, and fulfill all of your wishes, but the greater the age gap, the more difficult it is to actually fall in love. 

You need to set boundaries at the start of your relationship and separate feelings and sugar dating. These two concepts don’t belong together. This way, your sugar baby will also know her place and indulge you in the best ways possible. 

You don’t want to be manipulated by a young woman and make terrible decisions. In the end, you shouldn’t be looking for love as a mature man from women in their early 20s. They’re not looking for the same thing from you, always remember that. 

You Can Always Find New Sugar Babies 

Yes, sugar babies have the option to end your relationship whenever they want. However, this also means that you can do this as well and find a differently attractive young person. After all, there are a lot of young people without money looking to wine and dine at exclusive locations, but there is a small number of successful men that can afford this. 

Simply put, in the sugar dating market, sugar daddies have the upper hand. You don’t have any obligations to your baby. There is no need to be faithful to a single girl or them to you. At the same time, whenever you want to see them, you can organize something special they love, and they will likely accept it. 

Another amazing thing about these kinds of relationships is that there are a lot of sugar dating sites. As a successful man, you can instantly create an account on one of the platforms and attract a lot of young women. There is a small number of really powerful men online, and when babies recognize you’re the real deal, they will be all over you. 

To Sugar or Not to Sugar? 

We laid out all of the real things you can expect as a sugar daddy. It’s really up to you to look at them all objectively and be realistic if this is what you need. If you are not sure, go try it out and see how it goes. What we can say is that a lot of older men who want to get straight to the point enjoy spending time with their sugar babies and making some memorable experiences. 

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