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Being surrounded by luxuries, wealthy individuals, and elite lifestyle is an ambition and aspiration for many women seeking a lifestyle of high society. And dating rich people offers a fast and exciting track to leading an affluent life.

Since not many people can boast of being billionaires, or even millionaires, it can be a bit tricky to lead that kind of lifestyle you oh so desire.

Luckily, that is where sugar dating comes in. However, sugar dating is still perceived as a taboo topic, but some websites try to destigmatize these kinds of relationships.

One of the pioneers of sugar dating is surely the website Sugarbook. It’s extremely successful as it redefines the relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babies.

It exists both as a website and an app so you can decide what suits you more on the journey of sugar dating.

Sugarbook Society

Sugarbook prides itself on having over 300,000 members from 60 countries, mostly from Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, but also the US. 

People who are on Sugarbook are there for a specific reason – to find sugar daddies or sugar babies, and they are transparent about it. However, although these kinds of relationships usually follow specific terms, they can also turn to be more than just the profit. 

They can be an opportunity to find companionship, mentorship, and overall prove to be beneficial for both parties.

It is not uncommon that these kinds of relationships turn into long-term, loving ones as they are based on complete honesty, and expectations are set early on. 

Over 65% of users are sugar babies, which is quite a number of possible companions. They are in their 20s or mid-30s, which is thought to be the perfect age of the sugar baby. 

Sugar babies can be students, single mothers, divorcees; you name it! Basically, if you are searching for a wealthy benefactor who can pay for your university, bills, buy you all the luxuries you desire, but also be a mentor, a business advisor, and a step into the affluent lifestyle, you must try Sugarbook.

Sugar daddies usually range from the mid-20s to early 50s. These are very affluent men who usually don’t have time for casual dating and aren’t satisfied with conventional dating websites. They prefer straightforward and honest discussions about relationships, which is why they come to Sugarbook.

Sugar daddies know they will spend a lot of money on their future sugar babies, but they also know they will be able to negotiate the terms of the relationship and show their chivalrous side. They are protectors, gentlemen, and, most of all, financially equipped to spoil and pamper their sugar babies.

The core of their beliefs is perfectly summed up in the Sugarbook’s tagline – Where Romance Meets Finance. Sugar daddies love to spoil their sugar babies, but in return, they get to be in the company of fun, often very ambitious and goal-oriented young women.

Signing Up

The process of signing up is quite easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes of your valuable time. Once you get to the website, you can decide to sign up via Facebook or make a completely new profile. 

In the registration process, you will be able to select your gender but also put yourself in the category of sugar daddies or sugar babies. You will also need to write your display name and email, which is quite the common step for verification purposes.

Once your profile is verified, which may take up to 48 hours on busy days, you are ready to start making your profile which, if created smartly, will definitely help you get more views and messages.

The Profile

A profile on any dating app can either boost or ruin your chances of finding the potential someone. It is crucial that you are honest with your information and personal details.

Write down as many details as you want – your personal info like your height, body type, hair, and eye color, education, occupation past relationships, how you like to spend money, or how you like being spoiled. These all increase your chances of finding potential sugar daddies or babies.

Make sure to write down something about you that will make other members want to learn more and also what you are looking for in a person! This step should not be neglected! It clearly states your preferences but also the kind of relationship you want to pursue.

Moreover, uploading the photos of your luxurious lifestyle in the high elite or the photos of that youthful spirit you can bring with you on a number of dates represents an ever higher chance of having a good profile. 


The website creators and the owner are quite aware of the fact that these kinds of websites are still a bit of stigma and are often wrongfully accused of promoting prostitution.

Discretion is highly valued here, so members do not have to worry their identities will be exposed. For these reasons, they have taken some serious steps to ensure the privacy of their clients and provide carefree browsing.  

Data breach incidents are avoided by utilizing HTTPS, which allows secure and encrypted connections. As with any dating website, but especially the one like this, this kind of information is very comforting to all potential members.

In addition, the website does warn of potential scammers and how to recognize one. They have some tips on how to handle the flirting and dating process to ensure the satisfaction and protection of both parties, and it can all be read on the part of the website called Safety Tips. 


The big benefit of Sugarbook is that it can be used for free. Although money is not the problem for sugar daddies, this can allow them to see if they like the website and if they want to stay and pay a bit extra to have more features available. 

Let’s check what free membership offers:

  1. Registration
  2. Creating a profile
  3. Searching for people
  4. Messaging, but with very limited features

This last part isn’t very good when you want to make serious arrangements, which is why many members decide to pay for the membership. 

However, the pricing for the paid membership is a bit high compared to some other similar websites that offer similar features for around $20.

At Sugarbook, there are three options:

  • 1 month for $ 49.95 
  • 3 months for $ 42.95 
  • 6 months for $ 35.95

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, they added quite a nice touch, and they are offering a week of premium features for $24.95. That may be good if you still just want to check out what benefits premium membership offers but is also quite pricey compared to the monthly fee.

Some of the features paid membership offers are as follows:

  1. Unlimited messaging
  2. Possibility of seeing who viewed your profile
  3. Possibility of seeing you put you in the favorites list
  4. Advanced search features

Special Features

If you are a female student who is just diving into the waters of sugar dating, but you are also broke, do not think all is lost. Sugarbook offers female students a free membership if they register with their university email. Be aware, though, that this only applies to female students!

Consequently, this is also good news for sugar daddies as there have been cases when females pretended to be younger than they were or to be students. Since female students need to provide university email or some kind of university enrollment proof, sugar daddies can be sure these women are not lying about their age and status.

The approval and verification of the sugar baby profile usually takes 24h, or at most 48h. This is done as a safety measure for sugar daddies to know if they are going to spoil and paper sugar babies truly worthy of luxuries.

One thing that would also be a nice touch, and that would protect sugar babies, would be to add some kind of verification for sugar daddies. After all, they also need who they are going to go to spa centers with and spend date nights with.

How It Works

Once you create a profile and you pass the verification, you can send messages to people, see who favors you and search for the perfect match.

Since users are quite direct about their expectations, once they find the match, it usually takes around 5 days for arrangements to happen. However, there are almost always very strict terms that are followed so that the arrangement is successful for both parties.

Sugar babies can put their lifestyle expectations, which is basically how much money they expect from their sugar daddies. It protects girls, since sugar daddies know they are not going to get the good-looking lady for free and that they need to provide some financial compensation.

When everything is settled, and both parties know the terms of relationship, they can start enjoying the life of affluence, high elite, exotic travels, and mentorship with the one they like.

Mobile App

Sugarbook offers a quite sleek and easy-to-navigate mobile app. It is available both on Apple Store and Google Play. 

It offers all the same features the website does and is very easy to use. Just like with any app, you can sign up on it, or sign in if you already have an account. You really do not have to be an expert to be able to use it.

Now, what does this app offer that is different from the website? Well, it is perfect for all those wanderlusters and all those on the go! Whether you have business meetings all over the world, or you are a student backpacker, this app allows you to make contact with other members anywhere in the world.

The choice of search filters is amazing! You can search for people based on their recent activity, proximity to your place, etc. 

So if you are often on the go, but still want to keep up with sugar dating, the app is an excellent choice for you!

You will like SugarBook if

  1. First of all, you know this is not a website that promotes prostitution
  2. You are someone who loves to be spoiled and pampered, in exchange for companionship
  3. You are open-minded, and you want a relationship to start on specifically set terms of agreement

Moreover, if you are a student struggling to make ends meet and juggling between exams and paying for the rent, but you know you want more from life than just that, you will love the app. 

Provided you are a goal-driven female who appreciates luxuries and affluent lifestyle, but also thinks she can benefit from the relationship with a powerful, affluent man – you will love it!

On the other hand, if you are a wealthy individual who still loves to open the door for women and spoil them with extravagant travels, exotic spa weekends, and romantic dates – you will also love it. 

If it is in your blood to help damsels in distress and be their knight in shining armor – you will love it!

You will not like SugarBook if

  1. You are not comfortable with dating older men
  2. You don’t want to give your sugar baby glamorous lifestyle
  3. You do not take care of yourself 

The good looks, proper etiquette, royalty-like manners are all very important on these kinds of websites for both parties.

And most of all, you will not like Sugarbook if you think finances do not play such a huge role in relationships.

As one of the pioneers in sugar dating, Sugarbook provides people with the opportunity to “Build and negotiate the terms of their relationship”, as the website says.

It values discretion above all, which is crucial with these kinds of relationships. It helps build meaningful relationships that can be quite beneficial for both people and provides young girls with the opportunity to get into the society’s elite.

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