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Miss Travel Reviews: An Adult Dating Website for Rich Men and Attractive Women

MissTravel is one of those rare adult dating websites where both males and females can benefit mutually. It’s a very specific platform looking to connect people who want to travel together. Dating isn’t the primary goal of this site.



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MissTravel is one of those rare adult dating websites where both males and females can benefit mutually. It’s a very specific platform looking to connect people who want to travel together. Dating isn’t the primary goal of this site.

MissTravel is one of those rich men dating sites for those who are willing to share their fortune on a trip together with an attractive woman. It’s almost like a sugar daddy dating site, but it limits people to travels only, and it’s made for people who want to see the world and experience travel in a new way.

This site was founded by a man with the name Brandon Wade, and he has had a lot of experience of online dating. Still, he felt that something was missing and decided to start one of the most unique “millionaire dating sites” where people can easily find a companion to take on their travels.

Still, even though there are some options for sugar dating on this site, MissTravel isn’t advertised this way. It’s simply made for people to meet and go on a trip together. What they do is entirely up to them. Truly one of the most unique dating sites we’ve come across.

Key Features of MissTravel

Unlike most dating sites, MissTravel doesn’t have a typical matching system for users. The platform puts you in total control over your fate. You need to find a travel companion on your own while relying on different mechanisms.

It’s important to mention that there are two types of members on this site. One group includes rich men who are planning a trip and are looking for an attractive companion with whom they can share thoughts and experiences while traveling to amazing destinations.

The other group is young women (but also men) looking for a rich host that can take them to a nice trip. Members can use three different features to directly ask someone to be their travel companion in one way or another:

  1. Show me your place (town): This feature allows users to ask generous people to help them visit their place by paying for all their expenses. You can use this option to finally meet someone and let them pay for your trip to their hometown.
  2. Travel with me: If you are a wealthy sponsor, you can ask anyone using this feature to go together to some exciting destination you both like. All of the expenses will come down to the person that initiates the call with this feature.
  3. Come to me: This is a simple feature used by hosts to invite girls or guys to come to them, meet, and hang out.

Most invites on this site are initiated by male users, even though the ration between males and females is nicely balanced. We guess that this is simply the nature between the two sexes. It’s also the reason why many people think that this is strictly a sugar dating site, but it’s not.

Additionally, the site also has a typical chat system that can be used by users to communicate. Bear in mind that this site doesn’t cater to your travel needs.

The platform only connects people who want to travel together and have similar interests. You handle all of the tickets, bookings, and reservations.

Singing up on MissTravel

MissTravel doesn’t have many drawbacks, but one of those is the lengthy registration process. However, this is also a good thing. It shows that the site cares about the authenticity of users. The site ensures that all the members are verified.

The signup process has a couple of steps in which users have to provide accurate information that proves their identity. You can start the registration through email or Facebook. When you choose the email option, you will get a login code that you will have to type in to go through with the registration.

Some of the information required during the signup process includes:

  • Hair color
  • Height
  • Current income
  • Body type
  • Name
  • Address

It’s also a good idea to use the stamp verification as most people want to communicate only with verified profiles. The signup is completely free, and you can upgrade to the premium membership later on if you like the platform.

User base on MissTravel

Here are some key statistics about MissTravel users:

  • Around 300,000 members are from the USA
  • The platform has over 1,000,000 users in total
  • There are over 110,000 active users every week
  • Number of male and female users is equally balanced 50/50
  • Most of the female users are under 30 while most male users are over 30
  • The majority of the users come from the US, the UK, and the EU

This site is made for people who are looking to explore the world, meet new people, and learn about other cultures. If you want to travel in style and meet someone new or you are merely looking for a companion for your planned trips, this is the place where you can find what you’re looking for.

There are a lot of rich men and women on this site that only travel in luxury and can afford only the best. There are a lot of serious and successful middle-aged men on this site, and most of them can afford expensive trips along with fancy restaurants, shopping, and so on.

How profiles are organized

MissTravel has basic profiles. At the same time, they offer a lot of information, and you can easily understand what someone is about. It gives enough personal and general information about a user. Even though it’s not mandatory, most of the profiles have the “Why I Travel” and “About Me” section.

People are honestly engaged on this platform, and they want to give a lot of information to other users on the site. Profiles also show details about someone’s trips and which destinations they are going to in the future.

Anyone can upload as many photos as they want to their profile and choose who can see them. The majority of members add at least three selfies to show others that they aren’t a fake profile. Yes, like with any other dating platform, there are fake profiles, but there aren’t many of those.

  • Anyone can see your profile
  • Unlimited number of photos can be uploaded
  • Your public images are visible by everyone
  • Your username can’t be changed
  • You can change your profile description anytime

How to get in touch with other members

As we mentioned earlier, this platform has three unique features for inviting other people to go on a trip with you or come and visit you. Apart from these features, you can also directly send messages to profiles you like. However, if you are a male user, you will need to have a premium account to send messages.

As a free user, you have all the options at your disposal, except sending messages or responding to the ones you’ve received. On the other hand, females have access to all the features for free. It’s yet another reason why so many people use this platform for sugar daddy dating and finding babies that need financial help.

You can also use the search with many advanced options to look for people that might be the exact match that you’re looking for. Every user has a list of favorites where you can instantly get in touch with people, see when they are online, and share all of your pictures with them.

All users can create trips and invite people. Furthermore, they can ask to join the trips of other users. In the end, you can see who viewed your profile and who likes it.

Pricing and payments

Everyone can sign up for free on MissTravel, and this is not offered by many rich men dating sites. That’s why it’s easier for females to get out there and look for a match even if they might be short on money at the moment. As we mentioned before, only females can use all the features with free accounts.

Guys don’t have the option to message other users unless they get the premium membership. To register on the site, you need to be at least 18, and there are several subscription options for premium members:

  • Monthly subscription: $59.99 each month
  • 3-month subscription: $54.99 per month – $164.97 every three months
  • 6-month subscription: $49.99 per month – $299.94 every six months

What we can say with certainty is that MissTravel is one of the most expensive millionaires dating sites. However, it provides exclusive service, and it targets a male audience that has a lot of money. Simply put, if you can’t afford to pay for the subscription on this site, then chances are you wouldn’t have much use of it anyway.

The site supports payments with most direct debit cards and credit cards.

Usability and layout

MissTravel is a very neatly designed site. Everything is organized in a clear and understandable manner. While reviewing this site, we never got lost during navigation. What’s even better is that everything is clearly explained so that you always know what you can do and why you can’t do something.

Every page has a different color palette laid out cohesively, allowing you to memorize which page you’re on. For example, the trip and member pages are a bit darker. On the other hand, when you are scrolling through profiles, you will notice brighter colors.

The important thing is that the whole site is easy on the eyes. There isn’t anything annoying, and the entire design is quite minimalistic, as it should be. All the icons are also intuitive and distinctive. You quickly learn how to go around the site, even blindfolded.

MissTravel app

MissTravel doesn’t have a mobile app. However, it doesn’t need one because the site is well-organized and laid-out. The site is optimized for mobile users and offers an identical experience. The mobile version almost looks no different.

We tested the site with several mobile devices and tablets, and it adapts well to any model. What’s really great is that it always loads quickly without any hiccups. You can use it freely with your mobile device without any worries.


The site goes a long way to secure user-profiles and preserve privacy. If you want, you can make all your photos private and reveal them only to the people you want to. At the same time, people that don’t have an account on the platform won’t be able to see your profile or any information.

Yes, the site does require a lot of personal information when registering, but they also promise not to share this information with anyone and keep it as secure as possible. That also ensures that there are fewer fake profiles than on any other rich men dating site out there.

In fact, on most millionaire dating sites, the biggest threat is fake profiles looking to extort presents or payments online. The site also does background verification periodically to ensure that the profiles are genuine and prevent any fraud.


When we take everything into account, MissTravel is one of the best rich men dating sites where females can find middle-aged guys looking for companionship. At the same time, there are other opportunities as well, and if you are looking for an interesting adventure with someone new, this is the right place for you.

However, you need to be through at testing out people and seeing what they are like before you meet with someone. The site doesn’t guarantee you anything when you go on a trip with someone, and it’s up to you to assess the situation and make sure that you aren’t consenting to something you won’t like.

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