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Millionaire Mate Reviews: Place Where Millionaires Find Love

Finding true love with a million dollars in the bank is easier said than done. But don’t worry, MillionaireMate is here to help you find someone who knows how to make you happy.



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Dating in the 21st century is much different than what it used to be a few decades ago. The changing times have led to increasing standards and expectations for both men and women alike. There’s nothing wrong with being a 40 something-year-old guy with a successful business looking for a younger lady to have some fun with.

There’s also nothing wrong when an attractive woman has high standards; they should! While most dating apps function as a version of Russian roulette, MillionaireMate has a different approach. Instead of pushing you into who knows how many dates with people who don’t have much to offer, this app does the exact opposite.

It’s dedicated to millionaires and those who belong to the highest class of the society. You can’t even become a member if you don’t have a seven-figure bank account or if you’re a beautiful young lady that knows how to make a millionaire happy. Some members fall in love and get married; others are just looking for a fun time. Like regular dating apps, MillionaireMate is a place where you can meet exactly the type of company you want without worrying about their identity.

The app does wealth and ID checks upon registrations, minimizing the chances of creating fake profiles. As expected from such a high-class society app, it gets the job done as soon as you buy your way in. At least you’ll know that the person you are talking to belongs to the same class as you do. Why risk meeting unknown people with possibly dangerous intentions, when you can stick to the type of people that will appreciate and understand you?

MillionaireMate is the ideal place where men with a lot of money can find attractive women who are worth every cent. Now, let’s take a closer look at how things work.

MillionaireMate Equal for Both Sexes

The first thing that makes this website unique is the fact that it’s designed for both successful men and women looking for someone to date. While most similar elitist sites are aimed mostly at men, MillionaireMate welcomes women as well. There’s no reason why a successful woman with a million of her own couldn’t meet a man of her caliber.

Women that have money have an even harder time finding someone who understands them. Everyone knows that women have to work twice as hard to compete with successful men, so why should they settle for someone who can’t follow their lead? The app is gender-neutral, and it’s done an excellent job for many successful couples so far.

Apart from the fact that MillionaireMate works for both sexes, it’s also a great-looking platform with carefully designed details that make the search much more manageable. You just have to pick your sexual preference, relationship status, and the type of relationship you are looking for, and the app will do everything else.

The black background works well with the white and gold letters, and every profile is straightforward to navigate. All photos and information about the person are shown on the same page. So, you can get a better idea of the person. You can send messages directly, but there are some other options we’ll get to in just a minute.

When all things are considered, MillionaireMate is a genuine app that has a lot to offer to lonely successful people with a sense of style. It’s classy, it’s user-friendly, and more importantly, it’s very efficient.

The Signup Process

After landing on the MillionaireMate website, you are immediately struck with a sense of class. The sleek design looks like a service designed for high-class people. The big golden “Sign me up” button will take you to the profile creation page where you have to fill in all of your details. That includes your sexual preferences and the type of relationship you’re looking for. Some people are just looking for a friend, while others want to get married. Anything goes, as long as you prove that you belong here.

The profile creation will ask for some personal information like race, religion, marital status, and of course, your income. You can choose a few income levels. The lowest one is below 100,000 dollars a year, and the highest category requires a salary of 2 million dollars. The last step requires you to verify the registration via your email address, and you are finally ready to enter the world of elite dating.

When you sign in for the first time, the website will ask you to upload at least one photo and send your ID. You’ll also have to prove that you belong to the income group you’ve selected by providing a bank statement with your account balance. It’s the critical step that separates the rich from the wannabe rich, and you can’t move any further until you’ve done that.

MillionaireMate’s Community

Once everything is set up, you have to enter personal preferences, so the app knows what type of date you want to meet. If you skip that part or if you don’t enter the correct information, you’ll likely miss out on many potential prospects that would meet your requirements. Take the time to enter every single detail, and it will pay out sooner rather than later.

You can search the user database with a quick tool found right on the homepage. You can find dates based on their age, sex, height, race, country, and state. A list of results will pop out, so it’s up to you to narrow things down further. You can’t communicate with members, however, until you get a paid account. You can only review profiles and information, but not much more than that. Hey, it’s an app designed for successful people, so it’s expected that you have the money to pay for an account.

Getting a paid account will unlock a bunch of other features that will help you find the right match faster. Get it, and you won’t be sorry.


We’ve already said that the app puts every member through a rigorous checkup to minimize fake profiles. You have to provide a photo ID and a bank statement to even become a member. All of the information asked is confidential, and there’s no risk of potential misuse.

All certified members get better exposure within the search engine. That will tell other users that you’re a real member, making it easier for you to make the initial move. MillionaireMate is a sophisticated dating app that seems to have thought about everything.

Website Features

When it comes to features, MillionaireMate doesn’t have too much to offer. It’s designed to be as simple as possible, and it works great. While free versions of the app allow you only to upload photos and view other profiles, the paid version expands your options by allowing you to communicate. You can send emails, messages, and enter group chat rooms with other members.

Your profile gets a verified member badge, allowing you to appear in other people’s searches more often. Other useful features include the “Who’s online now” option that provides a list of all online members in your area. You can also check who viewed your profile, get a list of nearby members, find the most popular members, and so on.

The premium subscription opens up a new “Advanced search” feature you can use to narrow down your search even further. You can also send winks as well as audio and video messages to other members at any time. MillionaireMate wanted to promote communication to allow members to get to know each other faster, and it does that well.

There are two paid membership deals: silver and gold. The Silver membership unlocks the ability to communicate with other members, gives you access to online chat rooms, provides 24/7 support, and promotes faster matching.

On the other hand, the Gold membership contains all of the perks you get with the Silver membership, plus you get five times more views and some other features. For example, you will get access to pools with new members three days before users with a Silver membership. You also get access to the “Super search” feature and other information about users that is otherwise invisible.

The paid membership deals will set you back for:

Silver membership

  • One month for $35.95 /mo
  • Three months for $17.98 /mo
  • One year for $12.50 /mo

Gold membership

  • One month for $44.95 /mo
  • Three months for $89.95 /mo
  • One year for $12.50 /mo

It’s Good For

MillionaireMate is suitable for wealthy men and women seeking a relationship with someone who belongs to the same class. It’s excellent for millionaires who want to meet younger women for a fun time, and it’s excellent for young women who want to find security in the arms of a millionaire. Let’s face it; attractive women often get fooled by men pretending to have more money than they do. This dating app eliminates phonies, allowing only those who have proof of wealth inside.

It’s Bad For

There’s no way you can become a member of this elite dating club without proof. If you don’t want to share your bank account details and your ID, it’s just not the place for you. Also, MillionaireMate doesn’t like members who don’t know how to behave. It’s a place where real successful ladies and gentlemen meet, not a cheap bar for strippers and easy women.

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