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If you are a successful man who offers love and security, or if you’re an attractive young woman looking for those things, Sugar Daddy has got you covered.













The term sugar daddy used to have a negative connotation, but not anymore. Men and women have realized that there’s nothing wrong with looking for a partner who has a secure future. That led to the creation of sugar daddy sites designed to make meeting such people easier than ever.

Sugar daddy, for me, was one of the first such dating sites, and it was launched in 2004. It’s currently one of the most popular places for finding sugar daddies and mommies because it has a massive database of users. Every sugar daddy wants a young, attractive sugar baby to spoil, and this website is THE place to do just that. 

The website is well-designed, and it promotes communication between users. There are more than 4 million active members with over a thousand new members joining every single day. 

But not everyone is in it for the money. Some members join to find someone they could rely on and love, not just for the physical aspect of a relationship.

It’s a place where older, wiser men get to meet young women they would otherwise never get a chance to talk to. On the other hand, many of these younger women are looking for a secure future. However, some of them want to learn stuff about life, as well. 

Connecting with sugar daddies often helps them build successful careers as models and so on. Think of it as an investment website where the wealthy invest money in young people with many different talents. 

Sugar Daddy for Me is one of the best dating websites, and it already helped tens of thousands of users to find someone to have some fun with.

It does a great job of connecting the right people through a user-friendly platform anyone can master in minutes. Keep reading and learn everything about this popular dating website. 

How Does it Work?

Well, there’s not a lot to it. Sugar Daddy For Me is a dating website where sugar daddies and mommies can meet sugar babies and vice versa. It’s a place where they can browse through a database of users, much like on Facebook and other popular social media. 

When a user finds a prospect he or she likes, the two of them can connect through a number of different features.

As you’ve already guessed, the primary quality the website revolves around is money, but things don’t stop there. You can join the website for free, so it can’t be just about money, right? 

While you won’t be able to use all of the features if you don’t get the premium subscription, you will still be able to put yourself out there. Who knows, maybe some sugar mommy or daddy are looking for you.

Sugar babies have a few more options when they create a free profile than sugar daddies, but that makes sense. 

When everything is considered, Sugar Daddy For Me is an excellent sugar daddy dating website where users can chat, have fun, meet each other, and maybe even fall in love. It didn’t become one of the most popular platforms for sugar dating for nothing.

Privacy, Safety, and Security

One of the most important features of any dating website is privacy. High-ranked dating websites like this one go the extra mile to ensure that their users are kept safe from hackers and other users with bad intentions. Sugar dating often comes with a stigma, but websites like this one helped clear its name.

People think that sugar dating is the same thing as prostitution, but that’s just not the case. Everyone should realize that what success is to men, beauty is to women. 

There is nothing wrong when two grown people want to trade in what they have for something they need. The world will surely realize this in the near future, the sooner, the better.

Until then, dating websites like this one have to work hard to maintain a high level of security and data protection. Most catfishing and scams that happen in the online dating community happen on sugar dating websites with poor security. 

SugarDaddyForMe uses e-com data to protect its users. The algorithm keeps all users under close observation at all times, removing those who repeat suspicious behavior a few times. 

The website comes with a set of rules, break any of them, and you will get banned for good. Prostitution promotion, in any way, is forbidden, and each user has to go through the authentication process. 

The website does everything it can to stop malicious users and eliminates scammers. It’s not the safest site, but it’s safe enough. 

The Design

You can see that SugarDaddyForMe is a website from the early 2000s right away. The design hasn’t changed much since. It really looks like one of those old dial-up websites, but that gives it a certain charm you can’t find any more these days. 

Even though it looks outdated, the website provides a lot of details about potential matches as you browse through the user database.

The free subscription allows you only to see the profile picture of other users, but you can also find out personal details such as gender, age, race, body type, height, income, and so on. 

The profile page will also tell you if the user is a sugar daddy, mommy, or baby. You can narrow down your search based on this information until you find the perfect match.

If you like someone, you can add special notes to every profile. You are the only person who can see those notes, and they help you remember personal details about other users you contacted. The features that are available for you to use depend on the type of subscription you have. 

The Golden membership unlocks full access to the feature, making it easier to find the type of relationship you are looking for. 

Again, it’s quite clear that SugarDaddyForMe is one of the first dating websites in this niche. That doesn’t impact usability at all. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. The navigation is easy, especially for older sugar daddies.

Profiles display most of the information you need to figure out if the person is worth it, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time meeting new people every day.

The Signup

When compared to similar dating websites, SugarDaddyForMe has a super-easy signup process that takes only a few minutes to complete. You can browse the profiles and check who is online right now, even if you don’t have a registered account. 

The search bar allows you to narrow down your selection of potential matches based on age, location, and many other categories. Other websites unlock this feature only after you get the premium account.

Naturally, you will have to enter your personal information during the account creation process. That includes a short header about yourself and one about the type of person or relationship you are looking for.

The “About Me” section is where you can provide a little more information about yourself, and you have to write something to finish the signup process.

You don’t even need a photo to match with other people, but adding one will increase your success rate 20 times. Not only that, but genuine photos will tell other users that you’re the real deal, which is the most important thing for success. You can change the information at any time in the future. 

SugarDaddyForMe’s Community

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the biggest dating apps in the world. There are more than 4 million users registered in the US, with around 2000 new profiles created daily.

The fact that it offers support for sugar mommies, as well as daddies, makes it the perfect platform for middle-aged women seeking younger men for relationships.

You can easily communicate with other members via the native messaging system, but only after the admin team approves your profile. Members who don’t get the paid membership can’t read or reply to messages, but you can send three of them every day. 

The messaging system has the same structure as an email. You have to enter the name of the sender, the subject, and the following message. The tab on the right-hand side allows you to view all the messages you’ve sent or received. 

Different icons tell you more about the person who sent the message. If you see a gold bar icon, the message came from a Gold member. A tiny reverse arrow tells you that the message is a reply to one of your conversations, and a flag symbol allows you to color-code your messages. 

Most sugar babies hope to see a message with a star symbol because that means that it came from a Total-Access premium user. 

As we said before, everything about SugarDaddyForMe is quite simple, so you don’t need a lot of time to figure out how things work. One thing that’s missing is a complimentary mobile app that would make communication even easier. 

The website wanted to stay true to the roots, so the only way you can interact with other users is through a PC.


Apart from the free membership, there are four different paid membership you can choose from. The Silver membership allows you to read and reply to messages. 

The Gold membership gives you access to most features, but you’ll have to get the Total Access package if you want to unlock everything that the site has to offer, and it makes it possible for free users to contact you. 

Here are the current prices for all premium membership packages:

Silver membership

  • 1 month $39.95/mo 
  • 1 month with Total Access $54.90/mo

Gold membership

  • 1 month $44.95/mo
  • 1 month with Total Access $59.90/mo

It’s Good For

Well, SugarDaddyForMe is good for any successful man looking for younger women to spend some time with. It’s also great if you’re a sugar baby looking for someone to take care of you. The outdated design of the website is perfect for people who got used to the internet about 15 years ago. 

It still has the same design, so it will make you feel like its 2005 all over again. Also, this is one of the rare sugar dating websites where you can actually meet people without getting the paid membership.

It’s Bad For

When compared to most other dating websites, SugarDaddyForMe is definitely trailing behind. It still looks like it did when it was first released, there is no mobile app, so the only way you can communicate with other users is through a PC. That’s a little outdated in 2020. 

Furthermore, since you can become a member for free, the website has its share of fake profiles, catfishers, and other stuff people don’t want to see. If you’re looking for a well-designed, user-friendly dating website that makes it easy to stay in touch with the people you meet, SugarDaddyForMe is just not it. 

Pricing Information

Many sugar babies are on the lookout for older men or sugar daddies, as they are more seasoned and wealthier. Sugar Daddy For Me is one of the biggest sugar daddy services, having more than four million members, with more than 2000 sugar daddies and sugar baby profiles being added on a daily basis. It was launched in 2005 and helps in bringing together generous and wealthy sugar daddies with young and attractive sugar babies.

  • Join to Become a Standard Member is Free
  • Paid Membership
    • Gold membership is $39.90 per month
    • Gold membership with total access is $54.85 per month
    • Silver membership is $34.90 per month
    • Silver membership with total access is $49.85 per month
  • Special Offers
    • 3 Day Free Trial – Try out a gold or silver membership with(out) total access for 3 days free!
    • 5 Day Full Access Pass for 99 Cents – Try out Sugar Daddy For Me with all of the full privileges of a paid membership for 5 days for 99 Cents!
    • 5 Day Trial with Anonymous Texting – Try out Sugar Daddy For Me for 5 days and get 100 Anonymous Text Messages for just $3.95. You have the ability of sending text messages to anyone on/outside of this website without knowing your real mobile number.
  • Plus a $4.95 administration fee for all monthly memberships.
  • Payments can be made using Credit Card, Online Check and Money Order.

Feature List

  • Create a profile with heading, personal information and photos for free.
  • You are able to upload unlimited number/size of photos to show how you look like.
  • Check who’s online and the total number of online members.
  • The ability of viewing new profiles and new photos on this website.
  • It’s available for you to see members who viewed you, who messaged you, who kissed you and who liked you.
  • Send kiss to members who you are interested in.
  • Paid member can send and receive emails.
  • Paid membership with total access allows all standard members to contact you.
  • As a standard member, you can reply messages from paid member with total access.
  • It’s available for paid members to send online chat/IM to other members.
  • Block and report suspicious members.
  • Paid members will receive smart matches weekly.
  • Paid members have the ability of adding note on other members` profile.
  • Privacy settings to ensure your privacy.
  • You are able to hide your profile and only show it to members who you have given the private profile password to.
  • Let other members know about your plans by using weekend planner.
  • It’s available for you to read testimonials to know more about this website.
  • Know last active time of other members.
  • See member’s address on Yahoo map.
  • Search by quick, advanced and easy search to get idea matches.
  • Search members by username or member ID.
  • The ability of checking most viewed members.
  • Profiles will be approved within 10 minutes or less, that means it is hard to see profiles in pending.

Refined Search Features

The home page is simple but has good features. The control panel helps you access mail; save search results; manage your favorites; make changes to the profile; manage your videos and photographs and also check up on who is online. The site can also be accessed through the iPhone. There is also a Quick search option, where you can give more specifications about the person you are looking out for, the age range; the location; profiles with pictures and so on. You can also specify advanced features like race; marital status; body type, etc. for refining your search.

Unique Aspect

One of the unique aspects of Sugar Daddy For Me is that, unlike many other such sites, it offers a three-day trial for free, so that you can test it out before joining. The dating site has a very large member base and it is free, so anyone can sign up for it. Sugar babies mainly prefer it. It seems to be the best site for finding Allowance Daddies, as there are many men on the site who are willing to set up an allowance for sugar babies. After creating your profile, you can also feature your profile and take advantage of the Instant Messaging services of the site.


Though the site offers a few features, the design is not very intuitive. There are a lot of trial and error involved before you are able to use the search function effectively. Initially, you need to make the search based on location and later you can narrow the target. You may also not find profile pictures on many of the profiles. This is a particular drawback in a site that is aimed at partnering beautiful women with wealthy men. In addition, the site follows the auto renewal option, so you need to cancel immediately or will have to automatically pay up every month.

Editor’s Verdict

If you are fed up of dating immature young boys with no money and would like to be spoiled or pampered by an older, rich man, you can search for a sugar daddy today at Sugar Daddy For Me. On the other hand, if you are a man who is wealthy and successful and would like to date a young and attractive woman, you will be in the right place to meet sugar babies, who admire you for your achievements in life.

The free trial is a good feature as well and many users might also like the methodical search, where you first search by location and then narrow it down to other criteria. The customer care offers good support for payment issues and others. There are plenty of good sugar daddy profiles of doctors; businessmen; lawyers; architects and several others. Many ethnicities are also present at the website.

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March 12, 2020

Men beware!! I have been scammed several times by women asking for gas money to visit and never show up. My latest experience, a woman in my city threatened to tell my wife and family if I did not pay her $3000. I have been asked for $36000 down to $50. Never ever pay these liars a penny until you meet the woman and feel comfortable with them. I have had many more headaches than enjoyment. Of course, there are some honest women but they are hard to fine. Be extremely careful

Fred Burton

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