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Seeking Arrangement Reviews: A Sugar Dating Haven

If you’re looking for a mature dating website centered around sugar babies and sugar daddies, you’re going to love Seeking Arrangement.



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Seeking Arrangement is one of the best sugar daddy baby dating websites on the internet. It is probably one of the most popular sites around and has been an integral part of the sugar community ever since its launch back in 2006.

Unlike many other sugar dating websites, Seeking Arrangement boasts a decent population of sugar mommies, who are looking for male sugar babies. This feature is what draws most users to the site. Seeking Arrangement is one of the best sugar daddy baby dating websites on the internet. It is probably one of the most popular sites around and has been an integral part of the sugar community ever since its launch back in 2006. 

It is an excellent service that provides its users with an abundance of features to connect with older, wealthier individuals for numerous purposes. When people think about sugar dating, they often overlook the mentoring factor entirely. If you’re in it for fun, there is a lot to benefit from when it comes to Seeking Arrangement. 

When people are looking for someone older than them, they’re not only in it for the cash. While finance does play a significant role in sugar dating, mentoring does have a significant impact too. Dating an older person than yourself can give you a lot of learning potential, and potentially set you up for further life.

Seeking Arrangement gives you a place to find your perfect sugar baby or sugar daddy/mommy. It is an online platform where these can meet, mingle, and ultimately wind up in a relationship. Read our full, comprehensive review of Seeking Arrangement below. 

How does Seeking Arrangement work?

Seeking Arrangement is one of the best online dating platforms in the sugar dating niche. It operates on a community basis, connecting daddies/mommies with their respective sugar babies. They are connected to mingle and entwine, for numerous different dating purposes.

While money is one of the main driving forces behind Seeking Arrangement, it’s not the only aspect out there. You can fully use this website without paying for it; you’re just sacrificing some essential features. If you’re a sugar baby, you’re going to have a couple of benefits and workarounds compared to sugar daddies and mommies.

Sugar daddies and mommies can pay for their membership and browse through the sheer amount of sugar babies around. This website is by far the most popular sugar dating website out there, overshadowing all other sites in the niche.

Safety, Security, and Privacy

When it comes to dating niches, privacy is of the utmost concern. When you’re in the sugar dating community, it is more than expected that you want superb protection against any malicious individuals.

The sugar niche isn’t the most popular thing in the world and is generally stigmatized. The stigma behind dating has usually been removed, and pioneers of the dating industry are to congratulate for that. Sadly, the sugar niche is somewhat lacking in this aspect, failing to be destigmatized. 

Sadly, this stigma exists because people have the wrong perception of this kind of dating. It’s a truly disgusting thing, and we hope that the stigma around online dating in the sugar niche disappears in the following couple of years.

But, since this form of dating is still within the taboo, it must offer some extensive data protection. User data is a top priority when it comes to Seeking Arrangement. Other websites such as Ashley Madison have had data leaks that virtually ruined the credibility of the platform. 

Sadly, there are a lot of scammers, ghosts, and catfishes around, especially on websites like this. The dating website trend has taken off since its introduction, and so has scamming through these means. This is not only annoying, but it’s also very illegal.

Dating websites have had a tough time dealing with these scammers, but Seeking Arrangement has tackled this issue in a couple of exciting ways.

Seeking Arrangement has combated all of the malicious hackers through advanced SSL encryption, which protects you against any possible data breach incidents. Data breaches can be tragic, especially yon niche dating websites like this. 

The Design 

There is only a handful of online dating services that can match Seeking Arrangement in its design. One crucial and often sought after part of a dating website like Seeking Arrangement is extravagant design combined with high functionality.

The design of Seeking Arrangement is minimalistic but packs a mean punch when it comes down to utility. A website can have as many users as it likes if it’s not functional, it’s virtually worthless.

An excellent online matchmaking tool should be beautiful, easy to use, and have stunning visuals. Unlike most websites from the early days of the internet, which are still prevalent today, Seeking Arrangement has current updates.

Seeking Arrangement has current updates that do not only affect the simple and odd bug fix and update, but it also updates visuals and functionality and well. The first big update the website has experienced changed its web domain and link from Seeking Arrangement to seeking. 

The website also comes jam-packed with exciting features, which we will get into a little bit later in this text. 

The Demographics Behind Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangements has a vibrant population of over ten million unique users, all across the world. While most of the ten million population is based somewhere in North America, other continents such as Asia and Europe are fully supported. 

It’s an attractive website that is mostly populated by males. BUt on the offensive side, the 52%-48% in favor of males still has a 48% female population. This is virtually unseen in dating websites, especially ones that are dealing in the sugar niche.

If you’re anywhere in the USA, no matter how big or how small, you’re going to find someone on here. If you’re in a European metropolis, you’re also likely to see an exciting daddy/mommy/baby to mingle with. But if you’re located anywhere rural or in Asia, you might not have a lot of luck. 

If you’re a sugar daddy or mommy, you’re also in luck. A whopping 80% of the users of this website are sugar babies who are looking to be spoiled. This is also not a common thing, and drastically changes the way the game is played.

Not only are daddies and mommies going to have to fight for babies, but babies are also going to have to seek out daddies and mommies. This is a hunter meets the hunted situation, but entirely in reverse. 

The Signup, The Profiles, and First Contact

The signup process is the founding cornerstone of any good dating website. If you mess up the signup process, you’re likely going to deter any of your possible clientele. Seeking Arrangement makes the whole process not only simple but outright enjoyable at times.

The signup process is the first thing you’re going to be met with when you visit this gorgeous website. You’re going to have to submit a couple of essential pieces of information that are integral to the confirmation process.

After you have been confirmed, you’re going to receive an email address. You can verify your account right this email address, and get into all of the fun parts of this service.

After you’ve got your account, you can get to your profile. Now profile creation is a robust process but is simplified by numerous guides all around the internet. The simplicity of the profile editor tool is one of its essential aspects. Even though it is straightforward, don’t let that fool you.

The profile creation tool is powerful and allows you to modify and customize your profile to the smallest possible details. If you’re looking to create a stunning silhouette, you need to remember to be respectful, engaging, and always provide good photos!

Photos are going to be the hook of your internet dating profile. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of these photos. Excellent grammar, proper spelling and high-quality images can either make or break your profile. 

Especially taking into account that there are more babies than daddies here. You’re going to have to compete against a sea of other babies, so make sure to make your profile count!

After you’ve made your perfect profile, you can get into the mingling. And boy, is the mingling good! If you’re not sure who you’re going to pick even with the super powerful search tool, the website will recommend you with potential bachelors to mingle with.

You are establishing contact with them as simple as shooting them a quick, witty message. You can set your preferences based on virtually anything, and the range from which you want to match with people. This will help you root out anyone that might be too far away. 

Mobile App

Seeking Arrangement comes with a powerful android phone application. The application is gorgeous and based around a practical philosophy. It’s not going to revolutionize dating; it’s going to bring the good old sugar back into your life. 

The Seeking Arrangement mobile app helps you get all of your dating needs on the go, and allow you to date when you’re traveling. If you’re going somewhere, the automatic geolocating features of the Seeking Arrangement application are going to match you with local individuals.

Navigating this application is the simplest thing in the world, and the minimalistic design makes sure that things are running smoothly. If you’re not too tech-savvy, you’re still going to benefit from using the Seeking Arrangement app. It’s just so simple!

The mobile application is sadly not available for iOS users, but the iOS version is in the plan for the future. The app is decluttered of advertisements and has all of the features that the website has.

It’s not a fully optimized mobile website, although you can use that as well. Mobile optimization is essential, and best when in the form of a third-party application. This adds another level of reliability to the service provider. 

The Pricing

When it comes to the price, Seeking Arrangement has gone the free route. That means that using this website is entirely free, with no strings attached. If you have uploaded a picture and have gone through the verification process, you can even message other users for free.

If you’re looking to get a little bang for your buck, you can pay for your premium membership. As a daddy, this has some benefits like filtering options, inbox, hiding, and a more added search tool. If you’re a baby, though, and you shell out for a premium membership, you can expect a lot of features like exploring a daddy net worth. This is essential in the sugar community, as money is one of the main driving forces behind it. 

Unlike most other sugar websites, this one operates on the subscription model, as opposed to the token model. There are two monthly subscription options, which are priced as follows:

  • 1 Month -19.95$
  • 3 Months – 44.84$

It’s Good For

A sugar baby, daddy, and mommy alike can benefit from the services that Seeking Arrangement provides. There are a lot of reasons why people should use Seeking Arrangement, and connecting with like-minded individuals is one of them.

Another excellent thing about this website is that it is readily available and usable in most European larger cities. Europeans have been aching for a good online dating platform centered around the sugar niche. 

If you’re a sugar daddy, you’re going to love the fact that Seeking Arrangement has a huge female population, virtually unmatched by any other platform. 

It’s Bad For

If you’re, on the other hand, looking for some more PG platform, you’re going to have more luck outside of Seeking Arrangement. Seeking Arrangement is not that popular in some rural areas, so if you’re located in one, you might have some issues finding a suitable match.

Another thing that might impact your decision whether to join Seeking Arrangement or not is the amount of competition. If you’re not looking to do your best to make your profile pop, you might not have much luck finding a suitable daddy.

Pricing Information

Sugar daddy sites are the perfect place for meeting people without wasting time. You can immediately define your needs and enter into a relationship. Seeking Arrangements our #1 pick among Sugar Daddy sites and for good reasons too. It was launched in 2005 and has more than 3.6 million users from all over the world.

  • Standard sugar daddy or sugar baby membership is free.
  • Premium Membership
    • 1 month for $69.95
    • 3 months for $179.85 ($59.95 per month)
    • 6 months for $299.70 ($49.95 per month)
  • Diamond Membership
    • There is only one plan for diamond membership – 1 month for $209.95.
  • Special Offer
    • College sugar babies will upgrade to premium member automatically if their registration email address is ending with .edu, 100% free of charge.
  • Payments can be made using Credit Card, MoneyGram and Money Order or Cashiers Check by Mail.

Feature List

  1. Place a dating profile and upload pictures for free.
  2. Put a heading, personal information, personal description and desired arrangement in the profile.
  3. The ability of hiding/displaying the profile on Seeking Arrangement.
  4. Add private photos and give the access to the members you want to.
  5. Participate in member polls.
  6. Receive and send messages.
  7. It’s available for you to check featured, premium and newest members.
  8. Add members to your blacked members list.
  9. You can add members to the favorites list to show your interest.
  10. The ability of knowing the last active time of a member.
  11. There are 11 languages available for all members.
  12. It’s available for you to verify your background.
  13. Search by keywords, personal information and language.
  14. Filter your search results by Photo, Background Check, Premium, College, Unviewed, Viewed, Viewed Me, Favorited and Favorited Me.
  15. It’s available for you to search by “Budget” with following restrictions: Negotiable, Minimal, Practical, Moderate, Substantial and High.
  16. Save your search restrictions for using it in the future.

Easy Sign Up

It is easy to sign up to the site by creating your profile and giving details. You have to write out a description and mention the financial assistance you are willing to offer, in case of a sugar daddy or mommy, and receive in case of a sugar baby. The amount can range from $1000 to $20,000 per month. You can also negotiate the amount with the partner later on. The site is free for sugar babies who have filled up their profiles and have a verified picture. In case of sugar daddies and mommies, they are offered a trial period for free and then there is a charge of $50 a month.

Unique Search Feature

After registering on the site, you can search for your ideal partner, based on the details you have given to find a perfect match. One unique feature is that you can search based on the financial assistance offered or needed and send messages to members.


Privacy concerns are taken very seriously at Seeking Arrangement; so members have to create their own profile before they are able to browse other profiles. There is also an option of being CRB checked on payment of a specific fee, proving your identity. In addition, the background of all the profiles on the site is verified.

Top Features

Some of the top features available are real time messaging and sharing of photographs privately, with the site having many active members from 139 countries. Members can also access invites to exclusive parties organized by the site. The site is home to more than 3.6 million members, consisting of sugar babies and sugar daddies and mommies.


The pros of such an arrangement are that all the members know what they want, so there are no false pretenses or games played here. All the goals are set out even before you enter a relationship. Both the sugar daddies and the sugar babies can get whatever they want in a relationship, whenever they want it. They can define their terms and expectations and find an ideal arrangement within a matter of a few days.


Most of the profiles on the site seem to be college students, who are more interested in paying off their student loans. Based on the profile information, the girls on the site seem to be very eager to find dates, but most of them don’t respond to emails or show up on the date. The site offers a free membership to girls who have an .edu account.

Editor’s Verdict

Seeking Arrangement offers a different perspective, where members can benefit from relationships that are mutually beneficial. If you want a relationship on your own terms, you can get it for free, but with a premium membership, many more sugar babies are likely to show interest, as they will realize that you have actually invested in search of an arrangement and are not just lurking around for fun. A basic account will also allow you full access, but a premium account can be the fastest way to take the sugaring to a new level.

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Average User Rating

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3 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
Very good0%

This site is a hack

1.0 rating
September 24, 2020

They wait for you to pay for an expensive subscription then cancel your membership without any reason. Be warned. Most of the women on this site are bots.


I have had three relationships through this site so far

5.0 rating
July 16, 2016

I have had three relationships through this site so far. Each has been a friendly, sexy, compliant woman that shares my joy with the 2-3 hour love affair that we have each week. My first one moved out of the area after about a year. The second one became too busy with employment and promotion, and my current arrangement is a very charming redhead who reminded me why redheads are so special as lovers.
Be honest on this site and you will do well.


I have met some very nice ladies on this site

5.0 rating
January 25, 2016

Each has been interested in a regular arrangement, with an ongoing allowance, i. e. – an arrangement, which was the point to begin with.
There was an occasional, obvious prostitute, but they were fairly easy to identify and delete. With reasonable care, you can reach a proper arrangement with a very nice woman.


This is online prostitution website

1.0 rating
July 16, 2015

Why would men paid so much money just to date women when you can get them for way less in regular dating sites. IT is a site for men to get sex in exchange for mostly cash payment. A lot of women on this kind of sites are escorts/prostitutes and this is what they do full-time for a living.
Don’t waste your money unless you have money to burnt. You are not getting someone better than a regular hooker that once used to be standing on the streets to wait for their Johns. All hookers are waiting at the comfort of their homes for businesses and people such as Brandon Wade is helping them to promote their businesses online . Brandon Wade is the first online pimp on planet earth.
If I look like him, then I can understand why no one will f*ck him for free or even touch him with a 10 ft pole.


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