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What Does a Sugar Daddy Do When He Wants to Find a Girl to Keep him Company?


So you’ve decided to be a sugar baby, that’s great! While the world is yet to warm up to the most popular fetish of finance, you need to get several things in check before you find a sugar daddy.

If you’re looking for someone to sponsor your business, lavish, or luxurious lifestyle, or just simply crave an older, wiser person to spend time with, a sugar daddy will fit the bill. Pleasing these sugar daddies isn’t going to be the simplest thing around. That is why we’ve gathered all there is to know about these daddies.

We’ve cut it up into 20 essential tips you need to keep in mind if you’re looking to get, satisfy, and keep a sugar daddy around. So without further ado, here are 20 essential things to keep in mind when sugar daddy dating. 

Fit their type

That might be a little surprising, but there are a lot of different types of sugar babies, and sugar daddies know this. Some prefer a sweet, cute, and wholesome sugar baby, while others prefer a more dominatrix, brat approach.

Before you get into sugar daddy dating, you need to find your type. Adapting to your daddy’s requirements is always a necessary thing, but going too far away from your kind can be a pain in the back. Find out which type you are, and let the sugar daddy find you. 

Don’t be too needy

You absolutely can’t afford to be too needy. Being too needy is a great way to lose a sugar daddy in a split second. You can’t be greedy, attention-hungry, or annoying. While sugar daddies might prefer a plethora of different types, no one likes an uncivilized person.

You should do your best to be as chill about the whole ordeal as possible. Don’t ask for too much attention, things, or support. 

Don’t ask for many things.

When you’re in a sugar-sweet relationship, you’re most likely in it for the gifts, money, and other forms of financial support. That is all fine, and sugar daddies understand your role in the relationship. That doesn’t mean that you have an unlimited spending credit card, or that you should treat your sugar daddy like a bank account.

You should never ask for too many things at once. You should plan the whole ordeal and strategically ask for something to support you. Alternatively, sugar daddies are much more likely to buy you an item if you ask for it, rather than give you any money. 

You should always paint all of your expenses as investments in yourself, to warm up your sugar daddy to the idea.

Only provide enough attention.

Again, with a relationship, there is quite a lot of attention. Most sugar daddies are not looking for someone to suffocate them in a relationship, and you should be very understanding of this. Never drown your sugar daddy in missed calls, messages, or chat bubbles.

Provide only enough attention and communication as the situation calls for. If you want to get something or purchase that brand new dress you’ve wanted, you should wait for the moment. There is a moment for everything, and you need to give the whole ordeal some time. Relationships aren’t built in a day.

Keep him interested

When you’re in a sugar relationship, you need to do your best to keep your sugar daddy interested in you. You can’t afford to lose interest, as that would not only lead to a breakup but a significant dent in your finances.

If you ever feel that your sugar daddy might be getting a little bored of you, do everything in your power to keep him hooked. This can mean a myriad of things and ranges from everything sexual to drama related. There is no sugar without a little bit of spice. 

Keep him on edge

A great way to keep your sugar daddy interested in you is always to keep him on edge. Whether this is with sexual pleasures and favors, or emotional investment, keeping your daddy on edge is going to guarantee that the attention is flowing in the right direction – towards you!

If you keep him on edge, you need to take great care that you don’t breach it too much. Keeping him on the side too much without actually giving anything in return is a great way to lose a sugar relationship, so remember to be careful!

Dress to impress

Sugar daddies don’t like prudent people. You should dress to impress on your dates, and you should do your best to look as handsome as humanly possible. If you’re having sex with your sugar daddy, you should dress in some beautiful undergarments.

This is also an excellent opportunity to ask for personal investments. Ask him for that unique set of clothes that you like, and say it’s for him. You’re going to dress to impress, and your daddy is going to fund it. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Don’t be rude

Some sugar daddies like the brat, as mentioned earlier, baby types. But absolutely no one likes rude people. If you’re a brat, and your sugar daddy likes it, you should know the limits of the relationship and your facade. Never be too intrusive, rude, or simply unpleasant. 

There is broader in any relationship, and crossing it could lead to a breakup, or even worse, a loss of finances. 

Set goals

One thing that all sugar daddies love in their babies is responsibility. You should always set goals, not only for your daddy and your finances but for yourself as well. You should leave this relationship ten times better than you were before it. 

The only way to impress yourself, your daddy, and heighten your finances is to improve yourself by setting goals. Set goals for your business – try to earn some money aside from your sugar daddy. Set financial goals for your daddy, and set goals for the activities that the two of you perform.

If you’re a more strict sugar baby, you should also consider setting up price tags for certain things. This will rake in much more money, but it’s also a risky business because some sugar daddies don’t like it. If you’re thinking of introducing this into a relationship, converse about it with your sugar daddy. 

Be secretive 

One thing that is extremely valued in this community is secrecy. You don’t want the word to get out, as sugar type relationships can be shunned by your friends, family, and your sugar daddies family (if he is having an affair). You need to keep your relationship as secret as possible, and this means that you should do the following.

  • Don’t be annoying.
  • Don’t go to his house.
  • Don’t ask for too many things.
  • Don’t threaten to expose the relationship.
  • Do keep silent about it.
  • If you have to tell someone, only show the most trusted individuals.
  • Be understanding of his other responsibilities.

Surprise your daddy

Everyone loves a hearty surprise, especially sugar daddies. You can surprise your sugar daddy in a myriad of ways. Remember, this relationship is not only about money, but it’s also about building intimacy and mentorship with your sugar daddy.

Surprise your sugar daddy with your accomplishments, efforts, or that brand new set of clothes you got. Surprise him with a date, or a unique set of underwear afterward. For once, you can give your sugar daddy a gift, as that’s sure to amaze anyone! 

Be very discreet

When you’re in a sugar-based relationship, maintaining as much discretion as possible is highly advised. You should tell your sugar daddy things, but you shouldn’t tell him too much. He is only looking for a handsome young companion to spend some time with, not your life story.

You shouldn’t tell your sugar daddy any compassionate information, as that opens you up and makes you vulnerable. Treat the relationship with maximum discretion if you want to have a healthy, happy, and long-lasting sugar daddy partner. 

Be understanding

If your sugar daddy has crossed some borders to be in a relationship with you, you should be very thankful and understanding, If he already has a family, you need to understand that you’re never going to be in the first place.

You should be completely relaxed and chill about that. If your sugar daddy has a family, their needs will always come above yours. This idea doesn’t mean that you should settle for anything less than what you came out to do, just that you should approach the whole ordeal with an understanding, gentle, and compassionate mindset. 

Chat frequently

When you’re in a sugar relationship, you don’t want to meet up with your sugar daddy more than you need to. Remember, dates cost money, and you should never settle. With this in mind, you need a way to maintain a relationship and contact with your sugar daddy.

It is the age of the internet, and online communication platforms are all around us. Use as many as possible, and chat with your sugar daddy regularly – or at least as much as the relationship requests online communication.

That can be a great platform to surprise your dad with some fun pictures, so make sure to give it a shot. 

Physical contact

When it comes to physical contact outside of sex, the line is indeed blurred. Some sugar daddies prefer physical contact as much as possible, while others avoid it like the plague. It’s solely up to you. If you are comfortable with physical contact, go crazy. If you’re not, make sure to draw the line and tell your daddy about it. A good daddy will always respect your decisions.

Sex and breaking taboos

A sugar relationship can’t survive very long without sexual backing. If your daddy is into some things that aren’t vanilla per se, you should consider fulfilling his fantasies. It will bring you right to the bank!

If you aren’t comfortable with it, make sure to notify him. Do your best to fulfill his sexual wishes, as that is by far the best way to keep him around, and keep your pocket full. 

A healthy attitude

While acceptance, understanding, and necessary good behavior are highly advised when dealing with your sugar daddy, having a healthy can-do attitude is also a great attribute. You should always be up to try new things, and never allow yourself to get lazy with your daddy.

A lazy baby is a baby without their daddy – as the saying goes, you need to work hard for the money.

Exotic nationalities

Having an exotic nationality is something that truly isn’t up to you, and you shouldn’t try to impersonate anyone. Certain sugar daddies are looking for specific nationalities and traits, and if you fit the bill, you’re in for a treat.

There are other things that you can do about your looks to satisfy your daddy. You should always discuss your looks with your daddy, to make sure you’re still looking up to his standard. Now, this will make you both rich and beautiful – the best combo around! 

Practicing intimacy

Some sugar daddies aren’t in sugar relationships for money, sex, or handsome partners. Some are just only looking for some intimacy in their life, and they don’t have the will, time, or confidence to find a traditional partner.

If your sugar daddy is gentler in nature and is looking for someone to snuggle with, you should understand it. Treat your sugar daddy how he wants to be treated, and you’re in for a very profitable treat. 


And the last thing on our list is going to be perhaps the most important one. Sugar daddies don’t take too kindly to infidelity in their relationship. You should always be loyal to your sugar daddy if you want to keep him around.

If you want to have multiple sugar daddies, it’s best to keep them hidden from each other. That can get you twice the profit, but considerably increases the risk of an outing. 

In Conclusion

If you stick to these essentials, you’re bound to have a better understanding of your sugar daddy. When you completely understand all there is to know about your sugar daddy, you’re in for one profitable relationship.

Remember, all these tips are equally important, and will work to educate you on what your sugar daddy is looking for. You can be the girl of his dreams, and he can be the man of your pocket. It’s all about balance, maintenance, and planning.

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