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Selecting the Right Sugar Daddy Site

Sugar Daddy sites have set a very popular trend in the dating scene recently. These sites are able to bring together, people who want the finer things of life with those who possess these finer things and are willing to share them. With so many Sugar Daddy dating sites available, it becomes more confusing to select the right one. Our Buying Guide, along with the reviews of the top Sugar Daddy dating sites are sure to help you make the right choice.

Who is a Sugar Daddy?

A Sugar Daddy is a successful or wealthy man who is willing to spoil or pamper a young lady for sexual relations or for love and affection. As a general rule, he is an older man who has attained a high level in his career, has a good status in society and is wealthy. The relation is usually between an older, successful man and a younger woman in need of financial security. However, it could also be between an older woman, a sugar momma and a younger man. The arrangement is a mutually beneficial one, where one is the supporter and the other is the benefactor.

What is a Sugar Daddy Site?

Wealthy and successful men are becoming aware of the value of their money and wish to maximize the value. Such sites are a meeting ground for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The men make a monthly payment for accessing the site and meeting sugar babies, whereas the latter are able to access the site for free. Both of them have to set up their profiles along with some screening information. They have to provide information related to the financial contribution they are ready to pay/wish to receive. They must also post photographs and when they view a potential match, they can email them or send them a message before starting a relationship.

Sugar Babes joining a sugar daddy site are those who are willing to enter into a physical relationship with a man who is willing to give them financial allowances. These could be girls in college or those having a part time job and who want money to pay for their tuition; rent and other bills. It could also be women who are just looking for a wealthy and successful man to support them.

Why Opt for Sugar Daddy Sites

The benefits of a sugar daddy site for dating are limitless. You can get a date to pay for college, find a mentor and fall in love. However, there are many who hold misconceptions regarding such sites. Once you get over these doubts, the sites will offer a pleasant surprise, as they can help you forge life long bonds.

Deciding the Objective

Before you start looking at profiles, you have to decide on the kind of arrangement that you are looking for. There are different types of Sugar Daddies, so you need to know your real intentions. Are you looking for friendship or networking or are you seeking romance or someone who can finance you through college?

How to Create your Profile

You will initially be asked whether you want to be a sugar daddy or a sugar baby before filling in the profile. You have to provide information related to your age; physical appearance; your education; interests and location and so on.

There will be hundreds of eligible Sugar Daddies in the site and they may not have the time to go through long profiles. So, you need to make it short but significant. Your expectations should be clearly set in the profile. While picking on the pictures for your profile, it is better to remain well dressed. You can have private photos as well after filtering, but everyone should not be able to access these. You must also keep your pictures up to date, with several angles and a full body picture and so on, so that there are no surprises when you eventually meet a date. Don’t go in for group photos as a rule.

Searching for a Sugar Baby

On a Sugar Daddy site, a Sugar Daddy can make a search based on the criteria that the sugar babies fill out in their profile. You could search based on age; race; height; weight; smoker; drinker and so on. You can also filter profiles based on whether there are photos present; the amount of financial assistance, etc. Filtering can be done based on physical characteristics, geographical locations and so on and other factors are negotiable.

Once you have filtered some potential matches, you can send a message or an email to all of them. It is better to avoid profiles that have been inactive for some time, as it is probable that they are already in an arrangement. You can save searches and then re run them again to find a new arrangement or opportunity.

Common Features

Here are some of the common features to be seen in a good Sugar Daddy dating website. They are useful features for finding a good online dating site.

What to Look Out For?

Some sites make it very easy to search with a single click. You can also access a hot list or a favorite list and a reverse favorite list, to find out which of the members have put you in their hot list. Some of the best sites offer access to photo galleries and have messaging facilities. You can also access advanced search features in addition to the basic search. You can save a search and come back to these later. There are message forums and forums where you can access support, counseling and advice from experts on the site.

A reputable sugar daddy site will also have features for verifying the stated income of its members. This offers greater authenticity to the site. Check out the free features of the dating site; so that you are aware of what basic features you can avail. Free profiles usually allow photographs along with a description; a search ability based on basic search and adding members to your favorite or hot list; instant messaging or email and so on. In addition, you could look out for forums, blogs and chat rooms, FAQ section, and technical support.

Privacy Concerns

An important aspect to look out for is the privacy and safety of the site. Many Sugar Daddy sites offer excellent privacy settings, in which case all your information is secure. Many sites also allow a free trial period before you commit yourself to a long-term subscription fee. Always join as a free member initially.

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