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About Us

Welcome to our website! SugarDaddySites.biz has reviewed the top 10 sugar daddy sites on the web, with ratings, rankings, pricing information, editor and user reviews. It was created in the winter of 2014, for singles who want to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby online.

Ensure True Information

To ensure that we can provide valuable and true information for our users, the editor review of each sugar daddy website is objective. Our editor has made his effort to provide a balance review including both cons and pros, so here our users can see “cons” section in some of the reviews. We strongly suggest our users to read the cons section carefully, since it can play a key role in choosing the right sugar daddy site. What`s more, user review need to be reviewed and approved by our editor before it shows up to all visitors, to ensure all user reviews are useful.

Never Out-dated

We have been paying attention to the changes or updates of the top 10 sugar daddy sites, and updating the related information or the list on our website in time. So we promise our users that the top 10 list is new and never outdated.

Dating and Buying Guide

At SugarDaddySites.biz, users can not only know the popular sugar daddy sites, but also get tips on how to choose the right dating website and how to find a sugar daddy online. It will increase their the chance of getting a date and save their lots of time.

In one word, we hope this website can help our users to find the right sugar daddy site and have a success in online sugar dating.

Best luck for you!
The SDS Team