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Seeing that there are far too many options to pick when it comes to dating apps, here is my review of one that lets you role-play in a specific fantasy.

You want to date a millionaire, but that idea seems far fetched? Perhaps there is a solution. First, you should think about it. I bet we still remember the plotline from Pretty woman, or Runaway bride, and other 90’ movies with a similar topic.

Yes, those movies could be deemed an erotic fantasy, because they follow women pondering, “What is like to be a princess for a night?” Men do the opposite, something along the lines of “A Queen meets a stable boy”, or something like that.

We all had those dreams, but the day comes when we decide that dreams are not enough, and we start taking action.

Enter Millionaire Dating Sites

Being a CEO of a company or a go-to-person when a problem occurs in a big business is a stressful job. Your clients call you non-stop in the dead of the night because they have an issue. The workday of a millionaire is tightly packed – going to meetings, going on business trips, coming and going all the time.

According to the Credit-Suisse report for 2019, the world has around 47 million millionaires, with popular six-digit occupations like doctors, anesthesiologists, engineers, programmers, lawyers, and many others.

Celebrities also get a good salary. Don’t neglect the YouTube and gaming community, the entertainment industry, and trendy platforms that offer jobs. Being a millionaire is not a rarity anymore. It’s a cold world out there, and when millionaires have had their fill of meetings, fake smiles, and overworking, they start looking for warmth and for someone to talk too.

If a millionaire is looking for someone on dating apps, he is looking for one out of two things. Either we are talking about a one-night stand, where the super successful men and women desire a couple of hours of fun without attachments, or they are trying to find a genuine, nice, and kind person to be their life partner.

And this is how we come to the DateAMillionaire app.

The Look and Feel

When you type in DateAMillionaire in your browser and click on the site’s name, you get to a green landing page, a mild and suiting color with a darker green headline with a golden cursive title. At first glance, the site looks minimalist, because you don’t need anything extravagant – there’s a simple charm to it.

Instantaneously you get a menu and an offer to create a profile or opt to log in with Facebook. You can choose to join for three days of free service, and if you decide to stay, you get charged to become a full member for a month.

Below the initial banner with a photo telling you to join, you get a list of suggested users with photos, a bolded description at the top of the cart meant to interest you in picking the user. Some members leave their nickname, a few words explaining themselves or their status. You also get their age and a short bio, which you can ask to be expanded.

Lots of Members and Location-based Suggestions

Besides that, below every potential partner, you have listed three choices. It’s offered for you to see their album with photos, an option to flirt or message them. Of course, this is impossible if you don’t have a profile.

The presented members on your main page are recommended new subscribers that joined a few days ago or a few weeks ago. You are being shown only the completed profiles with photos and options to interact. The amount of suggestion is limited for the Basic plan and unlimited for the Premium. That also goes for the number of messages, contacts, and opportunities you can get.

On the sides of the listed members, you don’t have pop-up ads to distract you or get your attention away from the list of people to date. You also get a singled out profile on the left with a bigger picture and more choices, like blocking or reporting that member.

The site will accurately find your location, and it locks it even before you open a profile. That can be changed, as everything else in your customized profile. Whenever you come back to the site, your general location may change to the nearest area from where you are.

It’s very easy to open a profile; all you need is an email, a nickname and a password, which the site automatically provides for you, for security reasons. The adjustments come later.

Profile Customization

As for the adjustments, once you’ve already made a profile, you have a plethora of questions to answer. Those who already used dating apps before will find DateAMillionaire very familiar. Some find it tedious, but have in mind that what you put in as an answer helps you look for that one perfect person.

You get this ability to be specific of what you’re like, which can only benefit you later on. The chart posted aside the questionnaire is monitoring your answers and calculating the stats for you, like Personality, Basic Information, Taste, Liking For, Status, and Appearance and Situation. This will help your rank in searches.

Don’t leave a question unanswered, or rock unturned, as more complete profiles get an advantage in the search engine.

In Help/FAQ, you can see the standard manual and cautionary measures DateAMillionare member must know. Make sure you read the Term and Condition before you proceed with looking for a partner. The site is adaptable for computer and phone users; it loads fast, so you can flirt on the go.

Can I afford it?

The site is made for global use; therefore, anybody can create a profile and look in his surrounding if there are wealthy singles, ready to mingle. Based on where you are from, which city and country, the search engine can expand from 10 km up to 3,000 km and any distance.

You can define the preferred age, search only for millionaires or do a basic search if you are looking for a down to earth person.

DateAMillionaire charges 9.27 USD for three days, 35 USD for one-month registration, and 46.65 USD for 3-month registration. The prices may change from time to time, depending on the country you are from and the currency you are using.

As soon as you create a profile, you will have a chat option active at the bottom with usually 5-10 people online. You will be bombarded with profiles of site members that are nearest to your location.

I know your question: “But are there actual millionaires on the site?” The option Income status: Millionaires Only / All Users will give you a way to narrow the search and find members who stated their wealth and income.

From what I’ve seen, many ambitious and interesting people are using the DateAMillionaire services, which is positive info for someone who is specifically looking for that kind of thing.

Who to Pick?

An obvious proposition occurs. What if site members were not honest when filling their questionnaire? Well, this is where it gets fun. I like to believe that there is a chance that a lot of the users were frank with their answers and that it is possible to find a millionaire online.

For what it’s worth, with all those dating sites, apps and services, with millions of people looking for a short fun or long-term relationships, you’re never sure if one out of those people is meant for you. As I said previously, you can be certain that ambitious and interesting people are gathering on this site, so whatever match you get can be what you were looking for.

The age of women, members of the site, vary from 21 to 60 plus years, with an average age of 32. This can also be different in other countries because DateAMillionaire presents the member closest to you.

The age and selection of users you will see is also dependent on how much the site is popular in your country. You have an option to uncheck the Within Country box in a search section to see a global list of users.

It’s a bit different with straight men, where the average age of a member is around 28 years. Even though DateAMillionaire provides services from straight people, there is an option to modify your search by gender and see if there are gay and lesbian users.

The list is fairly short, mostly because there are more popular dating sites that specialized in that field. Have in mind where you are from, where you are looking for a partner and if you are using Basic or Premium plan.


Would I recommend DateAMillionaire? Yes, I would. The trick is not to take it too seriously, but give it a shot. Their member base is growing, the site has some fun features, and it’s constantly updating with new options you can use to your advantage.

The user’s feeling is great; it is easy to use and not overly complicated and demanding. From the get-go, there are members for you to communicate, choose, and socialize. For the price per three months, it will not damage your budget, and everything you get from the site goes in your favor.

I would like to remind you to be honest, true, and yourself. So what if you want to date a millionaire, be spoiled and taken shopping at some elite place? Who wouldn’t like to do that?

I would like to recommend their Rapid Match option similar to the Tinder selection feature that many date sites use. This can be a fun experience if you make it that way, which is the case with every app you might have used before. I wish you good fortune in finding someone who will give you the attention and love you the way you are.

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